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Why Isn’t My Wix Site Showing Up on Google?

Wix offers an easy, inexpensive way to make a good-looking and responsive website, but when it comes to SEO capabilities, options are severely lacking. Wix relies on the user to implement SEO best practices themselves and doesn’t have a comprehensive back end that is easily compatible with SEO.
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Why Isn’t My WordPress Site Showing Up on Google?

Where your business appears in Google results comes from a few different variables. Content that’s high-quality and relevant rules the ranks and it’s a big factor when it comes to where your business ends up on the search results pageSearch engine results page, meaning the pages that list links to web pages relevant to the search query in question.. Online Image® can improve the relevancy of your site by optimizing your site’s content, writing new copy when necessary and building effective links. Top-notch content combined with analyticsMetrics such as the number of visitors to the page, which keywords got them there, how long they spent before navigating away, their journey through your site and where they click. These figures are valuable for determining whether optimization efforts for a site have been effective. and link cleanupThis can be necessary when your site has bad links pointing to it that damage its reputation. It is usually accomplished through the disavow process but can also include asking publishers to remove links to a site. can boost where your site appears in Google’s results.
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Why Isn’t My GoDaddy Website Showing Up on Google?

While you can have problems with Google rankings on every web hosting platform, sites that use the GoDaddy website builder tool can have additional issues that need to be tackled in order to rank higher. In addition to the bigger issue that your content could be lacking in substance or keywords, GoDaddy’s advertised SEO services are not comprehensive and approach SEO as a one size fits all issue. This unilateral approach doesn’t always translate to the online visibility you’re looking for.
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