Why Isn’t My GoDaddy Website Showing Up on Google?

Issues With Your Content

First of all, take a good hard look at your content. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, content is King when it comes to online search results. If your content is lacking in substance, length or quality, your Google rankings could be suffering. The links on your site have a major impact too; you want reputable, well-known directoriesFor Internet marketing purposes, directories are sites that aggregate the contact information and ratings of multiple businesses. These can be general, like an old phonebook, or specific, such as a site that shows all the practicing lawyers in a specific area. and relevant websites linking to yours. If a site that’s known for spam is linking your site, it’s not going to place your company in a favourable light. In addition, GoDaddy’s SEO services include telling you what keywords are and leaving it up to you to place them in your content. If you aren’t an SEO expert, chances are that you may have inserted them incorrectly or too often, which can lead to “keyword stuffingThis refers to the outdated technique of using keyword phrases over and over again and in nonsensical ways in an attempt to get better rankings in search engine results. These days, stuffing is known as a “black hat” technique that can get your site banned from results.“, an industry term that means your Google ranking goes down because it looks like you’re trying to game the system.


GoDaddy advertises SEO services, but what they are really offering is SEO-light. What they provide is a piece-by-piece service rather than comprehensive SEO maintenance. Links, content creation and personalized optimization are each add-on services that must be purchased in addition to their SEO service. GoDaddy’s Search Engine Visibility service gives you the keywords that will improve your ranking, but relies on you to implement them correctly. Content optimization is left to you, the business owner, and they offer you two ways to go about it. The first is to put the keywords they give you in your content, leaving you the hassle of where and how often to place the phrases. The second is that you can choose to have keywords implemented automatically, which may lead to web content that sounds robotic or isn’t grammatically correct.

One Size Fits All

The website templates that GoDaddy offers are not easily customizable for your content or SEO. Their templates don’t have the flexibility of a WordPress or custom-built site and don’t offer the services needed for quality SEO. GoDaddy website templates are difficult to modify and aren’t wide ranging, which can leave you with a website too similar to many others. Their templates haven’t been updated with the changing algorithmsFormulas or computational procedures used to solve complex computer problems. Google uses to rank websites.

Online Image® Can Help

SEO is what we do. And we provide comprehensive SEO, rather than a la carte options. Your GoDaddy website may not be showing up on Google now, but SEO services from Online Image® can help get it on its way. In addition to providing you with keywords, Online Image® does all the heavy lifting when it comes to optimizing your website. We can create reliable outside links to your site, submit you to all the important directories, optimize content on your website, and create well-written, personalized content that will help your GoDaddy website rank higher. Click here to learn more about our SEO service packages.