Why Choose Online Image® for PPC Campaigns?

Almost anyone can set up a simple Google Ads campaign and start spending money, but that method takes a lot of time at the outset and requires a lot of trial and error, which could put your ROI at risk. At Online Image®, we handle everything from keyword research to market segmentation, bidding and landing pagesAlso known as an entry page, this is the first page a user visits on a site. Often, these are built specifically for ad campaigns design. You can be confident knowing you have all the information you need at every step of the process.

Online Image® has the information you need.
Online Image® offers PPC management services.

PPC Management Services

A fast way to get noticed online is to show up in search engine resultsSearch engine results page, meaning the pages that list links to web pages relevant to the search query in question. using PPC management services from Online Image®. With the right strategy, your site can show across millions of websites, YouTube, email inboxes and more, all within hours of ad creation.

Based on Principles, Not Profit

Transparency – When you’re paying for visibility we believe you deserve to know exactly what’s happening. At Online Image®, we are committed to earning your trust with the highest transparency standards in the business. Our proprietary software will show you the data that’s most important to your business, whether that’s calls, form fills, downloads, or any other action that adds to your bottom line. It will also show you exactly how many times your ads were seen, how many times they were clicked, the true cost of clicks and more.

Online Image® provides excellent services.

Integrity – Tracking the most important metrics that show a return on your investment isn’t always easy but it’s imperative. Online Image® always includes conversion tracking with every client, at no extra charge.

Perseverance – We never set it and forget it. Our team will have eyes on your account multiple times a month. We stay on top of your account, so you don’t have to. You can rest assured your marketing dollars are being handled properly and used efficiently.

Commitment to Excellence – When it comes to PPC management, ads aren’t the only thing that matters. We build custom landing pages designed around your brand and built to convert. We’ll A/B test everything, from ads and the landing page, to bid strategies and setting adjustments. Our team will do whatever it takes to ensure you achieve an ROI you can trust.

Our PPCPay-per-click ads incur charges whenever users click on them, and their cost is determined during a bidding process. In Google Adwords, for example, these ads show up when users search for relevant keyword phrases. experts are always happy to discuss the opportunity to work with you. If you’re interested in learning more about PPC campaign management, contact us online or give us a call at 801-261-5700.

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