Digital Marketing for Franchises

Franchise owners can rely on the services provided by Online Image®. A franchise marketer doesn’t only develop their brand and its image. They’re also tasked with supporting other franchisees in growing their customer base, generating revenue and creating their own marketing campaigns. A strategic franchise marketing agency can play a major role in this, and Online Image® can help. We specialize in digital marketing so that we can help your franchise improve its brand name and support its franchisees nationwide.

Our in-house technology helps support your online presence and maintain your company’s vision. Online Image® is a partner you can rely on for your franchise marketing and advertising. No matter how many franchisees you have out there, we can provide the support you need in creating digital marketing campaigns.

Website creation

Website Creation

A website is a huge part of your franchise’s success in the digital world. Your website needs to be well-designed and, most importantly, functional. When this concept is accomplished, it can drive great success for your brand and its franchisees. Your website is the destination for customers to use your services and a place for new franchisees to come on board.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine results page example

So many customers use the Internet via their mobile device or even desktop to search for products they need. That’s why it’s crucial to get your brand to rank on search engines. When a customer is searching for a specific product or service, they hardly go past page one. You want to be ranking high when a potential customer types in a key phrase that pertains to your business, because it draws more attention and generates traffic to your website.

Online Image® can help you do that. We’ve helped many franchises and their franchisees rank on page one of Google and Bing, and this has always led to much success. By creating a website and online content that search engines see as relevant, the better you’ll rank. It’s all about creating something for your brand that serves your potential customers, and Online Image® has the experience you need to make it all happen.

Digital ad example

Digital Ads

Digital ads can be extremely effective. They will put your business in the forefront on search engine results and social media, and this is very helpful in attracting new customers to your site. Targeted ads work great for local customers searching for your services in the area, and these ads can really help your franchisees get more leads, generate more revenue and develop their franchise.

The Online Image® Advantage

When you’re franchise partners with Online Image®, we monitor the results your website is getting to make sure everything is working. Maintaining your online presence is key for your franchise and its franchisees to rank on search results. Our in-house technology allows us to pinpoint what’s performing well and what isn’t, so that we can keep your brand ranking well on a consistent basis.

Online Image® is a dedicated partner for digital marketing and advertising for franchise development. When you need to help your brand’s online presence, we’re here as a dedicated partner to make that happen.