Why Isn’t My Wix Site Showing Up on Google?

Your Content Isn’t Up To Par

Content makes the internet go ’round. High-quality content that’s relevant to your industry will automatically put you in favor with Google’s ranking algorithmFormulas or computational procedures used to solve complex computer problems.. If your website has little copy or if it is not compatible with what’s normal for businesses like yours, your website could be taking a hit in the rankings. Good links go hand in hand with good content. Links from well-known and reliable sites prove that your siteThe entire set of pages that make up a website, including the homepage (root domain) and all other pages. is worth linking to, but the opposite applies too. If you’re being linked by known spammersSpam was a term first used to describe unwanted, unsolicited promotional email. Now, the term spammers can mean anyone who places ads or content online using advanced technical knowledge but dishonest tactics., your rankings can suffer. Good SEO offers a combination of the perfect amount of relevant keyword phrasesThese are the words or phrases users type into search engines as queries., high-quality links, and submissions to the right web directoriesFor Internet marketing purposes, directories are sites that aggregate the contact information and ratings of multiple businesses. These can be general, like an old phonebook, or specific, such as a site that shows all the practicing lawyers in a specific area.. If your Wix site isn’t showing up where you want it to, step one is to take a look at your content.

There Aren’t Any SEO Tools

Step two is to understand exactly what a Wix site can offer you. It’s true that sites that are both mobile and desktop friendly rank higher in Google’s algorithm, but that isn’t the end all be all when it comes to landing on the first pageA specific URL, as compared to a site or root domain. There may be several pages on one site. of Google. Wix sites are attractive and can successfully be optimized to rank well for SEO, but the platform doesn’t include any tools to do so. A Wix site is easier to optimize than a GoDaddy site, but less customizable than WordPress. Wix has articles about learning SEO best practices, but no actual tools to help sites rank higher. It relies on the user to become an SEO expert, which is great if you already are, but most business owners don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

The Back End Isn’t Comprehensive

Wix offers an easy way to make great-looking sites. It’s certainly appealing to avoid learning to code, but drag and drop tools can only get you so far when it comes to optimizing your site for SEO. Their site builder tool doesn’t allow users to change templates once they’ve already been chosen, and the back end isn’t easily compatible with what’s necessary to create SEO magic.

Online Image® Can Help

SEO is what we do. Online Image® combines relevant, well-written, keyword driven content, backlink creation, directory submissions and personalized customer service to make sites hosted on any platform rank higher. Whether you’ve got a site that’s already built out or you’re starting from scratch, Online Image® has the tools to help your Wix site show up on Google. Click here to find an SEO package that works for you.