‘Google My Business’ Gets an Upgrade

Last week, we saw Google roll out an interface upgrade to Google My Business in locations around the world. This week, the changes are likely to show up everywhere.

The change seems to be a follow-up to changes to the Google My Business app for Android devices. Now, it’s easier than ever to get the correct information listed for your business. You can read the Google press release for more information.

The rub is that it’s easier for competing businesses too, making it more important than ever to get correct information posted about your business. In other words, to use a phrase from the search engine playbook, it is now vital to “Get on Google.”

The new interface makes it easier to change errors and see errors, and gives easier access to your company Google + page. It also uses cards instead of tabs, makes scrolling easier, and makes it easy to switch between modes.

Old Interface:

old GMB dashboard

New interface:

new GMB interface