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How Does Landing Page Plus Work?

When you sign up for your preferred agent landing pageAlso known as an entry page, this is the first page a user visits on a site. Often, these are built specifically for ad campaigns., your cost for pay per clickPay-per-click ads incur charges whenever users click on them, and their cost is determined during a bidding process. In Google Adwords, for example, these ads show up when users search for relevant keyword phrases. ads on search engines will drop. You can stop the bidding game with other SF agents in your area. The more you spend, the more frequently users will be directed to your new page.

We Keep it Simple

With no extra effort on your part, people who click on SF ads in your local area will go directly to a landing page with your photo and contact information. You will be put into a rotation, based on your predetermined budget.

From there, it’s easy to see whether your marketing efforts are working. Just log into your SF Stats page.

Unique Software Solutions + Adwords Expertise

Propriety Online Image® software makes Landing Page Plus possible, and you keep your Adwords expert and all the benefits you get from our in-house keyword research, testing and tracking.

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