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Online Image® has developed advanced technology that aides in our abilities to deliver better results than our competitors. We recognize by leveraging technology correctly, we can provide incomparable results to our customers without outsourcing or sacrificing quality.

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Keeping an Eye on Search Engine Shifts

Google, along with the other search engines, is constantly tweaking its algorithmsFormulas or computational procedures used to solve complex computer problems. in order to create a more robust experience for online searchers. This is great news for those of us who turn to search engines for relevant information on everything from local food to movie trivia, but it can lead to turmoil for businesses that depend on results pages to advertise. A strategy that may have resulted in front page placement yesterday may not yield the same result today.

We placed servers throughout the country and utilize our own web crawlers to frequently check the ranking position of our clients. Over the years, this has helped us pinpoint changes in algorithmsFormulas or computational procedures used to solve complex computer problems. that negatively affect rankings before other companies find out. While this doesn’t mean that your online visibility won’t take a hit from time to time, it does help us stay ahead of the curve with targeted strategies for each client.

Visualizing the Effectiveness of Your Website

The Online Image® Stats Page is an ever-evolving tool that allows you to see how consumers are interacting with your site. Here are a few of the things you can do with our dynamic, intuitive interface:

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All of this information, and much more, will be at your fingertips when you sign up for our service. We offer several packages and can customize our service to match the needs of your business.

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Safety First

There’s no need to worry about the security of your website or business information with Online Image® on your side. We value your privacy and go to great lengths to ensure it stays protected. A secure login is required to view your Stats Page and your information is never shared with third-party vendors.

Find out more about how our software can provide your website with an edge in today’s competitive online climate by contacting an Online Image® representative today. You can call us at (801) 261-5700.



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