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The Importance Of Keeping Your Website Updated

Maintaining a website may seem like a pain, but in this digital age your website is a consumer’s first impression of you. Keeping it updated assures fresh content and helps drive new consumers to your business.

  1. Security: Keeping your website updated protects your information, as well as your clientele. Be sure that your website platform has regular security updates. For example, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla all provide monthly security patches as well as optional plug-ins like two-factor authentication. Keep your website trustworthy.
  2. Fresh Content: Keeping your content updated shows search engines that your company is current and relevant. When search engines decide you’re important, your website traffic increases and more consumers are able to find you. Boost your website rankings and you’ll boost your business!
  3. User Friendly: Updating your website regularly keeps it running smoothly and load times fast. About 60% of your web traffic comes from mobile devices, and no one will sit and wait for a slow website to load. Keeping your website user-friendly raises conversion rates and lowers bounce rates, which means your site is found by ready-to-buy consumers.

Stop the hide-and-seek game with consumers online and help them find you! Updating your website regularly will boost your rankings and boost your clientele. It will help you attract the right clients and give them the right impression of your business.