Some Ways to Increase Local Search Results

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Finding new customers can be a challenge, but these tips and tricks can help you use the power of the Internet to boost your bottom line. Customers need goods services like the ones you offer, and these techniques will help them find you.

1. Half Sheet Table Cards

oi-qrAny scenario where you do most of the work for your clients is a good idea. The more steps you add to any process and the more likely they’re to leave, so a table card with a QR code where your clients can leave a Google review gets them there in one simple step. By adding manual steps as well, if they choose to take the card, you’ve simplified the process as much as possible and they’re much more likely to write a review.

2. Email Signature

By adding a direct link to your Google Plus page, you’ll also likely increase the reviews you get from your clients. As I mentioned in “Learn to Advertise to the Medium“, even if you do receive negative feedback, this gives you an opportunity to correct a customer’s experience and how well you respond will reflect positively on your business despite the negative feedback.

3. Loyalty Cards

Does your business hand out punch cards? Customers who return again and again are also very likely to let their friends and family know about your business. Remind them to also tell their local community by writing a review.

4. Marketing Campaign

Brochures, flyers, email campaigns, banners, commercials and other creative avenues are also a good way to get your clients actively involved in spreading the word about your business. Local businesses show higher in search results than even organic searches meaning they can be seen even before your website results.

5. Call to Action

Have a Contact Page with your standard phone number, email and contact form. Why not also post a link and ask people to leave reviews? More and more, reviews are helping businesses get found in search engine results, especially in the mobile arena. Recent data shows mobile searches have a higher conversion rate and tend to lead to action on behalf of the user. If you’re showing credible reviews from other customers in your local area, it increases the likelihood you’ll create a lead or even a sale.

Keep it Above Board

Your business reviews need to be genuine and real from your actual customers. It would be tempting to incentivize reviews or to pay for them. Google in particular has become very strict in their standards, such as enforcing an account to be able to create a review. It means what locals are saying about your business is reasonably accurate. Wanting to give trustworthy results and remaining credible is not only good for search engines – it’s good for you.