Video Ads Coming to Search

Soon, you may be able to buy video ads on Google search engine results pages. While video ads have long been available on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, so far only text and display ads have shown up in Google search result pages.

If these new ads are anything like Google’s TruView video ads for YouTube, video game apps and other sites, it means great opportunity for advertisers. That’s because on a cost basis, video ads are inexpensive. For many industries, CPV (cost per view) costs only about one-tenth as much CPC (cost-per-clickThis refers to online ads that charge per click. They often involve bidding on the clicks based on keywords and keyword phrases.).

One of the downsides, however, is that users can usually choose to skip the ads. Furthermore, the production cost for these ads could be pretty high.

Google is likely to roll out these video ads soon, according to industry experts, but Bing and Yahoo beat it to the punch. On the Yahoo and Bing ads, a blue play button shows up on video ads. Text and links still display, but users can click the thumbnail image on those ads to expand them and see the video.