Using Social Media Effectively is about Timing and Content

Taco Bell Instagram

Taco Bell uses social media effectively. Thousands of likes for photos that are simple and likable.

When it comes to having a better business presence on social media, you should always remember the two things that matter most: content and timing.

Social media is becoming a widely used way of communicating. Billions of people are tweeting, sharing, pinning, and liking posts every hour of every day.  Having a social media plan is very important if you are looking to connect with several different demographics.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

We’ve all heard that worn out cliché that picture says a thousand words. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect examples. Many companies have mastered simple social media practices using these sites and have enjoyed monster success that comes with proper posts.

Posts on social media can range from short and silly to powerful and lengthy. This is a free way to advertise for your company, and your plan needs to be executed perfectly. How do you make a perfect post for your social media sites?

What you say and how you say it is very crucial to how successful each post will be. Remember, tone and meaning can be different for each person who reads the post. When posting on Instagram, for example, your post should be clear and pertinent and should focus on what your business does.

Timing Matters

But if no one sees what you post, that expert craftsmanship could go to waste. Timing is just as important as what is being said. There are certain unwritten rules to when you should make your social media posts. There have also been studies conducted that have shown the best times of the day to post on social.

Instagram traffic stays pretty consistent throughout the week and tends to spike higher on Mondays and Sundays. However, it is a good rule of thumb to make your posts around the evening from about 4-8 pm because that’s when people are unwinding from their day. If you are a Fortune 500 company, your posts will have more traffic during normal business hours.

One unwritten rule about using Instagram as a tool for your business is limiting your posts to one per day. It may seem like a silly idea, but users of the popular social media site find it annoying when they are bombarded by multiple posts from a single source. It’s a hard rule to follow, but one that will certainly work in your advantage.

If you are looking for a model of social media, a great suggestion is to look at the social media work that Taco Bell has going. Taco Bell has great posts that are relevant to what they do, makes special offers, posts once a day, and will interact with their customers to make social media a fun experience for everyone involved.

Social media is a force that is growing and will never slow down. Hopefully these tips have been helpful and that you can make the most of your business’ social media sites and go forward and have success with your posts.