Unwrap Christmas Magic With Google’s Santa Tracker

For decades, when children asked their parents what Santa was up to on the days leading up to Christmas, parents were forced to make up some cutesy story about how Santa and his elves were hard at work making their gifts. Once Christmas Eve arrived, these parents might have to pick out some foreign country where Santa was delivering toys on his eventual path to their home. It was a fun yet exasperating routine for parents around the world.

How times have changed. Parents can now log on to www.google.com/santatracker and make the answer to these childhood questions become a completely interactive experience. This website, which is completely free like so many other things from Google, allows parents and children to enjoy in a variety of fun and engaging Christmas activities together.

Log on to this site today and you’ll find a countdown clock with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until Santa Claus leaves his workshop in the North Pole. Google is also releasing a new game or activity every day until Christmas. Right now, you can dress up Santa’s elves, race reindeer, play a matching game, launch presents, learn about different holiday traditions around the world, and more. With weeks remaining until Christmas, there will be plenty of great activities to keep your kids entertained and in the holiday spirit.

When Christmas Eve arrives, you can use this site to show your children exactly where Santa is delivering presents around the world. There’s also an Android app and Google Chrome extension that help make using these features more convenient and simple.

Visit Google’s Santa Tracker here and make visits to Santa’s Workshop a part of your children’s Christmas traditions.