The Online Image® Putt-Putt-Palooza

At Online Image®, we are fortunate to have several incredible teams who work daily to provide the best online marketing experience for our clients. Last week, we thought it was time for them to take a break from their hard work and participate in a fun, team-building activity that also provides a needed benefit to our local community.

Each department was asked to bring a few cans of food to work. We then challenged them to use their cans, along with other materials provided by the company (paper, tape, putting green) to construct a miniature golf hole. After everyone gets a chance to try the courses out for a few weeks, all food will be donated to the Utah Food Bank.

Everyone had a great time building a challenging course and trying their hand at other teams’ courses. But before we talk about the success of this team building endeavor, let’s take a look at what our teams constructed.

Hole #1: The Tunnel of Doom

Par 4

Created By: Fulfillment, Billing & HR Departments (aka The Neon Zippers)

Description: Our only par 4, this course commences with a tricky bump and dogleg combination that made it impossible for anyone to get a hole in one. After surviving this and the resident sasquatch, putters must traverse a narrow alley and rope course that leads to the “Tunnel of Doom.” A boulder sits perilously above the tunnel’s exit, leaving yet another obstacle for anyone with an unsteady putting hand.


Hole #2: The Hans Gruber

Par 3

Created By: Partner Support Department

Description: A severe ramp within the first few feet should give putters pause as they determine the amount of force they would like to use. The second part of this hole involves a narrow tunnel that leads to the cup. Along the way are three upbeat messages: one on team building, another spreading holiday cheer, and the final one promoting company pride. Wondering where the name for this hole comes from? You’ll need to ask Steven McCombs about that one.


Hole #3: The Pink Pony

Par 2.5

Created By: Sales Department

Description: This one gets its name from the official toy mascot of our Sales Department. It starts off at the box tunnel and features a few tight angles and a swing-shortening ropes course. Along the way, there are a few motivational signs that build your confidence, only to be undercut by one final note from our hilarious and confident sales manager. (We will forgive him for the typo this time.)

Hole #4: The Gauntlet

Par 3

Created By: Account Management Department

Description: This one certainly lives up to its name, as there are a series of challenging obstacles to overcome. After a long straightaway, you must find your way in between two pillars, avoid the swinging pendulum, squeeze through a narrow tube, and make your way up the ramp and into the cup. If your timing or speed isn’t just right, you could spend all day trying to finish.

Hole #5: The Don Quixote

Par 2

Created By: Development & Design Departments

Description: The first three-quarters of this hole might look harmless, but a few well-hidden bumps could send your ball far out of bounds. Your final objective is to steer clear of the pendulum as you aim for the entrance of the windmill, all while determining the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. And that unassuming piece of tape? I can speak from experience that it should be taken very, very seriously.

Why This Worked

  • Collaboration

One of the most challenging parts of this task was that teams were only given twenty minutes to complete their entire course. This meant everyone needed to work quickly to use their available tools to develop something creative and challenging. The Account Managers, for instance, said that someone would come up with an idea and another person would jump in and offer a suggestion on how to modify that idea and make it better. The result was something that everyone had a hand in.

  • Decision Making

Teams also had to learn when to scrap an idea that wasn’t working. Our Partner Support Department noted that they came up with a few ideas that sounded great, but didn’t work out as well as anticipated when they actually put them into action. These ideas may have actually caused the course to be nearly impossible to complete. Fortunately, they were able to recognize this quickly and create a difficult, but not impossible, course for putters.

  • Fun

Everyone reported that they had an enjoyable time with this activity. It was a great way for them to learn more about the skills of their team members, build unity, and contribute to a great cause. All employees were especially happy that we allowed them time to work on this on a Monday.

Do Try This at Home

We invite you to try this activity with your company. The holiday season is a great time to give your employees a long-deserved break and contribute to your local food bank. If you have any other ideas for team building activities, we would love to hear them. Give us a call at (801) 261-5700.