Search Engine Drops Google+ Reviews, Links

RIP_gplusThe old local packThis is the chart at the top of Google search results for local service and shopping queries that shows business listings, names, phone numbers and addresses. These charts usually appear above other organic results but below paid ads. showed reviews from the social media site Google+ and offered a link that let you leave reviews in one click. But in the past month or so, those Google+ Review links have been missing, and so have links to business Google+ pages.

Now, users can still see review stars in the local pack but have to click the starts and then find “Write a Review” hidden in the middle of the page. These will be Google Maps reviews, not Google+ ones. But when you have at least five of these, you’ll get stars in your local pack listing. Read this article about a recent presentation by Online Image® President Russell Burnett to learn more about local pack reviews.