Online Image® Picks Up Some Noobs

new employeesOur phones are ringing off the hook lately, and we recently added two newbies (noobs) to the sales team.

I am glad to have them – adding staff helps us provide better customer service and gives us more opportunities to reach out to our clientele. It’s also great to spread out the call and appointment load so we have time to do our best work.

Since many of our clients and future clients may speak with my new guys, I wanted to introduce them:

Richard Ries

A transplant from southern California, Richard is a seasoned sales pro. He brings seven years of sales and marketing experience to the team and has great drive. Richard is a quick learner, and not afraid to work hard.

From what this Online Image® noob tells me, he loves working here so far.

“It’s a fun environment,” he said, “full of great people – and Nerf guns!”

And overhearing him talk with customers shows that he’s on board with our mission at Online Image® – to help companies get seen online.

“If you’re not online, you’re not being found,” he told a prospect the other day. “Just having a site isn’t enough. Everybody’s using new tech to find business, and you need them to find you.”

Nathan Pappas

Our other noob, Nate, brings search engine optimization knowledge plus several years of B2B and B2C sales experience. What he doesn’t already know about internet marketingThis broad term includes everything from content marketing to display ads, PPC (pay per click) ads, social media marketing, directory listing work and online reputation management., he’s picked up quickly. His expertise shows on the phones.

“I like it here,” he said. “It’s closer to home, so that’s part of it. Everyone is fun and energetic, and it’s a great environment.”

I expect (read: demand) great things from both of them.

The truth is that on the sales team, fun and happy is the only way to be. We probably trade mockery, fake insults and Nerf bullets more often than sincere compliments, but it’s all part of the fun.

This time, though, I am being sincere: Nate and Richard, welcome to best sales team in search.

Now back to the phones, minions!