Google Takes Cover Under Alphabet Umbrella

Google Restructuring Underwayalphabet

Google has reorganized its corporate structure, but we probably won’t be saying “I’m going to go Alphabet that” anytime soon. Instead, the search engine part of the business will continue to be called Google, and we’ll keep Googling away. The search engine will be under the umbrella of the new corporation Alphabet, which will house separate divisions for projects such as Calico, which aims to extend the human lifespan, and X lab, which is trying to create drone delivery. Google’s stock will continue to be traded under GOOGL and GOOG on Nasdaq, and speculation is widespread about what the restructure will mean for finance or exactly how it will look on paper. At Online Image®, we don’t expect this to affect searchers very much. If anything, it will mean the company can focus more on improving the search engine.

Moz Releases Search Ranking Factors 2015 Results

The other big news in online marketing this week was the release of the Moz Search Ranking Factors 2015 report. Moz, formerly known as SEOMoz, is a developer of marketing software. Its blogsThis term originated as shortened version of “web log” and has come to be known as a regularly updated web-page, often containing news, opinion and personal stories. have been a trusted voice in the search engine optimization space since the company’s founding in 2004. The company surveyed 150 experts, asking which ranking factors they thought were most important. Here’s an infographic the company built to explain the findings: