Gaining Traction Online Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Control

For entrepreneurs, one of the greatest attractions of starting a business is the appeal of leading the company. From hiring and finances to sales and customer support, you plot the course, oversee the crew and steer the ship. Many entrepreneurs began when they saw the need for their own vision in the current marketplace. Perhaps it’s a business that has a certain ethical code of conduct, or one that addresses particular issues that have directly impacted your own life. Maybe the call of the American Dream was simply too attractive for you to ignore.

gaining traction

When you’ve built your business to the point where it’s time to reinvigorate your marketing strategy to take things to the next level, it may go against your instincts to give up control to a third party and surrender how your business is presented to the world. It’s understandable to hesitate taking a backseat role in crafting your marketing style given all the time and energy you’ve invested. Some internet marketing companies will try to preside over your marketing instead of empowering you to control your own image. But it simply doesn’t need to be this way. By working with a company that understands and supports your vision and business goals, you retain the autonomy that got you started in the first place.

A tempting but problematic solution is to hire in-house digital marketers to do the work for you. Hiring a few “experts” won’t cut it for most small to medium sized businesses. You’ll need a full team of qualified writers, web designers, SEO and paid advertising specialists to make it happen. This involves commitments and expenses that are impractical for many business owners. There’s no need for these entanglements to get your online marketing where it needs to be. Instead of hiring an internal team, you need to be set up with partners and digital marketing tools that propel your business forward so you can concentrate on everything else.

In this digital age, you need to steer your marketing the same way you guide the direction of your business. Make sure you take the time to find good partners that will allow you to remain in control and not take over the driver seat. Here are some questions to keep in mind when evaluating potential digital marketing partners:

  1. When developing my marketing plan, will they implement the business insights I’ve developed over time through my own hard work and experience?
  2. Do they present me with data as an empowering tool for making decisions rather than a justification for billings?
  3. Is my marketing strategy built on substance I can agree with and understand?

You don’t need to give up control of your vision to realize success online. The best marketing firms will provide the tools and services that align with your business goals as well as your brand’s identity. This ensures both a return on investment and the assurance of knowing you’ve partnered with a firm whose principals revolve around an honest presentation of your business.