Fix Your Links – Penguin Has its Eye on You

typing penguinGoogle has been hinting at a “Penguin” update to its algorithmFormulas or computational procedures used to solve complex computer problems., and we expect to see it roll out in the very near future.

The series of updates known by the name of the flightless, aquatic birds will focus mostly on links coming into your site, as well as interlinks within your site that point to different pages. The goal of the change is to boost sites that have a lot of credible links pointing to them while dropping the rankings for sites with bad links, such as links from spammersSpam was a term first used to describe unwanted, unsolicited promotional email. Now, the term spammers can mean anyone who places ads or content online using advanced technical knowledge but dishonest tactics. or sites and anchor textThese are the words a user clicks on to open a link to a web page, and they are usually highlighted or displayed in a different color from surrounding text. that aren’t relevant to your business.

It is likely that this update will happen in real time, meaning that you will get a nearly automatic boost from good links and a quick downgrade for bad links.

At Online Image®, we are careful to make sure our clients have strong backlink profiles, both by building good links and disavowing or removing bad ones. We can also help customers build great links for themselves. You can read more about how to boost your site with strong, legitimate links in our archives.

No one is sure yet how soon the update will go live, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on inbound linksHyperlinks from outside a root domain that point to a page within the domain.. As soon as we see changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

If you have questions about your inbound links or want additional help, contact us online, call us at 801-261-5700 or contact your account specialist directly.