Don’t Get Tricked by SEO Robocalls


Google just filed a lawsuit against a crooked company that used robocalls to small businesses. The firm, Local Lighthouse Corp, allegedly masqueraded as a search engine optimization firm and claimed to be a Google subcontractor. It confused customers, and then charged them $100 per month or more for nothing, according to reports about the filing.

The case doesn’t only concern fraud, but also illegal use of robocalls through violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

At Online Image®, we never use robocalls. If we contact you, we’ll do it live, and we’ll make sure we get all the legal permissions you expect. The same goes for calling in – unless we’re closed, you’ll get a friendly representative every time you call.

If you do receive suspicious robocalls from any company claiming to perform SEO services, don’t bite. We encourage you to check out Google’s Safety Center Page and report the callers to the search engine and to government officials here.