Building your Brand with Social Media

It’s no secret that business is constantly changing and evolving. With advancing technology, getting your website seen and building your business is easier than ever before with social media.


A simple reminder from Pizza Hut tells customers how delicious their food is in a simple way.

Social media is a very fascinating tool. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media apps and sites can help word travel extremely fast. For example, as much as we might fight against it, we can hear about anything the royal family does in England or whatever normal things the Kardashians are doing in a matter of seconds with social media.

With that type of speed, social media can also revolutionize the way you build your brand. Not only do social media tools get your message out fast, but these tools give you a platform to talk to the people and have interaction with virtually everyone who is online. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to have a great social media plan.

Start with Goal Setting

Developing a great social media plan is just as important as having a website and keeping it updated, but where do you start? Like anything you want to accomplish, you should start with a specific goal in mind. Do you want more sales? Do you want more of a presence online? Goals should be measurable and attainable.

After you have a trackable goal in mind, map out a plan,  starting with one month. Map out each post that you will make each day for one month. These posts can range from a Facebook post that says: “First 20 people to show this post in store get 20% off” to other promotional discounts and giveaways, but don’t stop there.

Funny Social Media Posts

These posts don’t always have to be discounts, giveaways, or other promotional posts. Social media users love seeing funny and witty posts from companies, and these can build great rapport with your customers. Take the time and show some helpful tips for your customers.


Taco Bell masterfully uses social media to promote products and interact with users.


Helpful Posts

For example, if you have a dry cleaning business, make posts about how people could get stains out of clothes or the best way to hang clothes to prevent wrinkling. These simple posts remind people that you are regular people too and not just a business with a product. Here’s one example of a post that would be great:

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Globe.

Photo courtesy of the San Francisco Globe.

A helpful tip to see how your social media plan is working is to simply check during the middle of your plan. By seeing if you are on track to meet your goal in the middle the month can help you readjust your tactics.

Follow Impressive Brands for Ideas


On social media, you get to take pictures like this of yourself! @legendgary62 on Twitter @garrettjcoleman Instagram

If you need help finding examples of how social media can help you, Forbes has put together a great list of businesses winning at social media.

Social media tools are fun and exciting ways to help grow your brand. It’s the one forum where you can cut loose and have some fun. The best part about taking advantage of social media is that is free advertising for your business. Like everything else with your business, it does take time to build a reputation online, but it will be worth it in the end.