Online Image® has developed many strategies that will increase your digital footprint and managing online directoriesFor Internet marketing purposes, directories are sites that aggregate the contact information and ratings of multiple businesses. These can be general, like an old phonebook, or specific, such as a site that shows all the practicing lawyers in a specific area. is one of them. Most people know that it is important to be on popular directories such as Yelp and Yellow Pages, but what they do not know is how important less common and local directories are. It’s a simple equation; the more times search engines are able to read your information, the more important or relevant they believe you are.


How Directories Show Search Engines You Are Consistently Working To Gain Online Visibility

At Online Image®, we submit our clients to the most important directories for their business. This type of work tells the search engines that you are consistently working to build your online presence. We also make sure your information is accurate across all platforms you are submitted to. A common mistake such as using “street” and “st.” can confuse search engines, therefore leaving your business at risk of not ranking online.

A Simple View Of Your Listing Progress Online

At Online Image®, we respect your time. We do not expect you to go search for every listing we have submitted you to because we understand you have enough on your hands being a business owner. We’ve created a simple to understand dashboard that lists the directories and with one click gives you access to each one.

What Should You Do Next?

Directories are an important aspect of a successful SEO strategy. At Online Image®, we make sure our process includes this aspect. If you’re interested in learning more, call (604) 227-3124 or fill our form online.