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How To Make Sure The Content On Your Website Is Relevant

Relevant content on your website is what can set you apart from other contractors. Keeping your website updated with fresh, valid content will keep a healthy stream of buyers on your site.

What makes content relevant? There are two simple qualifications that you first need to look at.

  1. Are you relevant to the service area? For example, surgeons would need to have information on their site that is relevant to surgical services. If they posted their information on contractor websites, they would be irrelevant not only to the consumer but to a search engine.
  2. Do you provide the service? If you don’t provide the service, then clearly your information will be deemed irrelevant.

After ensuring that these two qualifications are met, search engines will then list you as relevant. But how do you boost your way to the top? This is where things can get a lot more complicated. You must provide information that is relevant to what consumers are looking for. Ask yourself these questions when writing content for your website:

  • Who is your demographic? Are they homeowners, renters or DIYers?
  • What questions does the consumer have?
  • What do I have to add value to the consumer?

Quality content provides real answers to consumer questions. Write content that people want to read and share. The days of keyword stuffing are over, so stop writing for search engines and start writing for your potential customers. You have the edge over your competitors when your website’s content is fresh, relevant and engaging.