Is Patent Trolling On its Way Out?

Google and Microsoft Resolve Patent Lawsuit

no patent trolling

Two tech giants have resolved their conflict over the use of patented software such as video compression software.

The agreement between Microsoft and Google resolves about 20 U.S. and international lawsuits, and is a sign that there will be more cooperation in the future.

This is good news for computer users and for businesses because it means more technology will work well regardless of who created it. It could also renew the push toward patent reform. In addition, it could be a shift away from patent trolling across the board, which can be very expensive and distracting to businesses of all kinds.

Patent trolling occurs when a business or company tries to get more for patents than their worth or even files for patents that other businesses legitimately created. Often, these patent trolls don’t actually manufacture anything but instead, their entire business is based on aggressive patent lawsuits.