How to Achieve SEO Success for Small Businesses – A Case Study

screen shot image for case study social postsLiberty Restoration came to Online Image® with virtually no online visibility. By focusing on their website goals, we created a unique and effective strategy for their local brand. Our tactics started with choosing the right keywords based on expert in-house analysis and then site redesign with PPC support. We also completed geo-targeted link buildingBecause search engines judge reputation partly by looking at the number and quality of hyperlinks that point to your site, this search engine optimization process is aimed at attaining more and better links. and added unique and relevant content for each of the client’s locations. The client is now ranking for 45 relevant key terms on the front page of Google results and has seen increased impressionsThese occur any time a user sees your site in the search links or sees your ad., page views and time spent on pages. Our work at Online Image® has allowed the business to flourish and attract new customers.

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